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雅加达急速下沉 印尼新首都选址东婆罗洲岛

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AZUZ: About 2,000 miles southwest of Hong Kong, we come to Jakarta. It's currently the capital of Indonesia, but it's not going to stay that way. Jakarta is sinking. The main cause is that too much of the city's ground water has been pumped out. It's used for everything from bathing to industry. And when ground water is removed, the earth above it sinks. Another issue is that Jakarta sits on swampy ground to begin with and it borders the Java Sea. That makes it vulnerable to flooding. Combine that with constant traffic congestion, air pollution and rapid growth — an estimated 10 million people live in Jakarta — and you have a burden, that Indonesia's president says, "is too big for a capital to bear."

So what now? The country's going to build a new one. At a cost of $34 billion, Indonesia plans to transform a jungle covered area on eastern Borneo Island into the nation's new capital. Borneo is the third largest island in the world. It's mostly owned by Indonesia. Though, some parts belong to Malaysia and Brunei. The new Indonesian capital would be several hundred miles away from Jakarta, across the Java sea.





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